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Sunday, November 19, 2006

نگرش از نقطه ناممکن 

بله، ما مردم بسيار خامی هستيم. البته ما تنها نيستيم ها. خوشبختانه و يا بدبختانه، خامی انحصاری نيست. اما خب، ما هم هستيم. ديروز و امروزمان هم همين را می گويد. مردمی ساده و خام. با شما نيستم ها.


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اگر آدم خود شیفته می خواهید ببینید به اینجا سری بزنید:
Dear Ebrahim,

I love your poems! They help me enjoy my romantic side again and not feel guilty about it! Living in a practical world, leaves me in a constant battel between two worlds. I manage to shot down one, and explore the new unknown, but I feel I can enjoy both now. Thank you.
I also like to share a link here, that I should have done before, but hope you find the discussion interesting;

Thank you for your work/Helia

You are most welcome. "The God Delusion" is a profound book. It is a pitty that Richard Dawkins is not known in Iran. Some of his books have been translated to every living language except Persian. Isn't that a shame?

Thanks for the link
It's not a big surprise Ebrahim, that we don't know Richard Dawkins work. A country like ours that has been struggling with revolutions and wars and so many other urgent matters on hand, has no piece of mind to dig as deep as our roots of origin. Even if we were introduced to it, it's so easy to mistakenly over-look the power of it's message. At least that's how I started, with no religious back ground I was not prepared to be shaken so badly, imagine what happens to a young Muslim reading Richard Dawkins or Daniel Dennett books!!! But the good news is that so many young Iranians like you have the opportunity to learn these new, progressive subjects and hopefully you translate one of his books soon! So in 10 years we don't have much to be ashamed of.
Goomi motafakkerand andar rahe din
Goomi be galat fetadeh dar raahe yagin.
Tarsam ke bang bar ayad roozi
key bikhabaran rah na aan asto na in. "Khayyam, ba sedayeh Bamdad bekhonid dar kaseteh Robaiyyateh Khayyam"
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